Ice makers are gaining attention as they answer the problem of time and fridge space in making ice. There are two types of ice maker that are generally taking the spotlight – the under counter ice makers and counter top ice makers.

Although these two types of ice makers can be said to be the opposites of each other in terms of functionality and features, it remains that hey have the same purpose: to make ice as efficiently as speedily as possible.

These ice makers answer the problem of time in making the process of ice making more easily accessible to users. In a span of few minutes, these ice makers are able to produce tens of pounds of ice in a single day to accommodate the various needs of its user.

What makes an ice maker the best ice maker?

When you speak of the best portable ice maker, you get an ice maker that is able to produce large quantities of ice despite its size.

Furthermore, they are easy to carry and move. These can be seen as a quality choice, since this type of ice maker easy to fit to cabinets, while also having the capacity to produce large amounts of ice. This is in addition to having the option of an easy drain. As such, the counter top ice maker can be said to be the best ice maker for an under counter ice maker.

However, we must broaden the category and ask ourselves what makes the best ice maker. To define the best ice maker, we must bring into consideration the capacity of an ice maker –that is, the amount of ice it can produce on a single day.

Also, we need to note the significant details of its installation and maintenance. The simpler installation it requires, the better. Although there are few counter top ice makers that need installation, it is necessary to consider its maintenance.

Maintenance affects the performance of your ice maker; therefore an ice maker that has simpler maintenance or is equipped with features that allows its self-maintenance can also be considered to be one of the best ice makers.

Another aspect to note is the features it possesses. With the wide ranges and countless models available, it is necessary to note the differences in features that these ice makers offer. It is best to consider the features when taking a choice.

In a more generalized concept, the best ice maker can be said to be an ice maker that has the capacity to produce large amount of ice daily for its type, has simple installation and maintenance processes, and has features that highlights functionality and convenience.

All these characteristics hinge on a price that will not be too expensive. The best undercounter ice maker therefore  also be called the best possible bargain.

In other words, the best ice makers should also look its part. The physical design or the materials used to construct the body of the ice maker also comes into play. You want to have the best, and therefore it is necessary for it to look like quality material.

That is the reason why newer models of ice makers are designed to appear sleek, modern, and chic. This is due to the fact that they are designed to be a part of the modern household – the smart and high technology household. If it is heat-resistant or weather-resistant, then it sounds more convincing, and more readily available to be dubbed the new best ice maker.

If we consider all these factors and add them into our conclusion, it becomes obvious that the best ice maker is one that has both the looks and functionality on a single machine. To make this idea clearer, let us examine some under counter ice makers to see if these machines can live up to the reputation of being one of the best ice makers.

Summit Icemaker Model: BIM24SS

buy from amazonThis ice maker of Summit surely has the physical aspect right. It does look one of the best ice makers, with its platinum door and modern look. This machine can produce 10 lbs of ice on a single day, which is a little on the lower capacity side of the scale.

Summit 15” Freestanding Clear Ice Maker

buy from amazon

This ice maker of Summit is on the functionality side. It can produce 32 lbs. of ice and has excellent insulation. It can do all of these while still looking modern and stylish. This, this ice maker has all of the necessary characteristics to be identified as one of the best ice makers in today’s market.