Back in the olden days, ice was only known to be a side effect of winter and nothing more. Who would have guessed that today it is something that people can rave about?

In the contemporary world, ice is used for many things, be it for a cold glass on a hot summer day, or to comfort someone with the feeling of an ice pack, or perhaps just simply for the aesthetic pleasure of it.

Despite the high demands for ice, we know that the traditional way of making ice is very time-consuming. If you have lots of stuff that needs refrigerated, then it’s also space consuming. Thus, ice makers come into light. Ice makers are machines that do exactly what the name suggests – make ice.

The main purpose of these ice makers is to make ice in a short amount of time while relieving the burden of manually making it. There are plenty of ice makers released in today’s market, from bulky ice makers to the portable ones. But at TheIceMakerLab, we only talk about the best ice makers you can buy. Today, we shall take about the under counter ice maker.

Under counter ice maker is as what is name implies – an ice maker that is situated under the counter. It is a heavy duty ice making machine that requires to be installed. These under counter ice makers are considered to be the perfect ice makers if you find yourself in need of a large amount of ice.

Although this type of ice maker requires a waterline and a drain to function, and it does further require some plumbing skills and installation fees, it’s important to remember that they only needed to be installed once.

The biggest advantage for using an under counter ice maker is its large capacity. If you own a business that demands a large amount of ice to be made in short spans of time, then this ice maker would suit your needs.

Another advantage of using an under counter ice maker is that they are, most of them, fully automated. This is because under counter ice maker are directly installed to the waterline. That is why you don’t have to worry about it running out of water. Under counter ice makers can be used continuously – only when the unit is full does it suspend its ice-making activities.

All in all, under counter ice makers is an appliance best suited for when there is a large demand of ice, and for extended periods of time. This type of ice maker can be used in homes, offices, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Here is a sample of what an under counter ice maker should be with its features and capacity described:

Ice-O-Matic Undercounter 84lb Self-Contained Icemaker

buy from amazonThis under counter ice maker by Ice-O-Matic is noted for its small physical appearance. Thus, it minimizes the needed space to be installed. This machine has the ability of making 87 pounds of ice in a single day, and it stores 24 pounds on its bin at a time. This type of ice maker is best suited for commercial use because of its large capacity.

Furthermore, the Ice-O-Matic Under Counter 84lb Self-Contained Ice maker is easy to use and is air-cooled. It has a stainless door panel and possess a door-activated ice compartment spill guard that prevents the ice from spilling on the ground, thereby minimizing waste and keeping your floor clean.

That’s what makes it one of the best portable ice makers in my opinion.

Summit 15” Outdoor Ice Machine with Built-in Pump

buy from amazonThis under counter ice maker is slightly on the lower capacity side of the scale, as it can only produce about 32 lbs. of ice on a single day. This ice maker of Summit can also be called a hybrid between countertop and under counter ice makers as it possesses features from both types of ice makers.

This Summit 15” Outdoor Ice Machine with Built-in Pump is designed for your outdoor kitchen and can also be used as a countertop ice maker. However, the machine is too bulky to be called portable.

EdgeStar 50 lb. Under counter Ice Maker with Drain Pump

buy from amazonThis is Edgestar ice maker is an under counter ice maker that is able to produce 50 lbs. of ice in a single day. Its storage capacity is able to hold 25 lbs. of ice at a single time, which makes the machine on the heavy-duty side of the scale. The machine comes with an external pump, which allows unused water from melted ice to be drained out easily.