At first glance, all ice makers seem to do the same thing, so why compare them? Even though they may all do the same job, not all ice makers are created equal. Quality is the first concern, as you don’t want a product that stops working soon after buying it or produces sub-par ice, that’s why you want to go with the best portable ice makers on the market. But that’s definitely not the only difference between the available different types of ice makers. It’s not terribly complicated to take note of the differences if you know what to look for, so we’ll do our best to give you a complete idea of what to look for when comparing machines.

different types of ice makers

The largest difference that most will immediately notice is daily ice production. Most standard compact machines will produce about twenty six pounds of ice daily, and that may or may not be enough for the intended use. There are of course larger machines and faster machines that can produce much more, with price tags that scale with their production of course. These larger machines can produce fifty pounds per day or more, making them much more suited to business or office applications.

If the shape or clarity of the ice matters to the intended use of the machine, you may want to check what the machine produces. Some under-counter ice machines come with different size settings while others only make one size, some are equipped with water purifiers in order to make very clear glass-like ice, and still others make a kind of circular ice that you may see in a bag at a convenience store. While the shape, size and clarity of ice will certainly not matter to everyone, someone looking for the right machine for them definitely cares, so it’s important to know that not all machines are equipped with the same features!

Most people won’t be starting their appliance collection with an ice maker, so it can be important to make sure that machine matches the existing appliances or room design. Of course, people think most about the color or finish of a machine most if it’s in their home, but if you’re looking to add function to a professional kitchen looks can certainly matter as well. Colors range from all kinds of plastic to stainless steel, so it’s pretty easy to find a nice machine that matches what’s already in your desired room.

Seemingly a small detail, form factor can make a huge difference between loving and hating a product. It’s easy to see why, as the space that you have available for an appliance is not often very negotiable, and that’s fine. Ice makers come in all shapes and sizes. It is very important to know the size of the machine you’re getting, though, or how much space you can allot to the machine before purchasing it. While not a rule, it tends to be that the larger the machine, the more ice it will produce and the more power it will draw, so if you keep an eye on the electric bill keep that in mind!