This particular ice maker looks classy and absolutely stunning. As it is a portable ice maker, this EdgeStar model is compact and lightweight, perfect for your outdoor occasions and travels.

Furthermore, like all of EdgeStar’s models, this EdgeStar Red Portable Ice Maker is highly efficient and quick in making ice for your drinks. Furthermore, this model is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and is sure to deliver quality ice whenever you want to.

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Features of this unit includes:

  • Produces refreshing bullet-shaped ice in just 10 minutes
  • No need for installation and drain
  • Easy to use soft touch controls
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Produces 28 lbs. of cold ice on a single day
  • Has innovative water-use design
  • Stores 2.5 lbs. of ice at a time.

The EdgeStar Red Portable Ice Maker IP210RED looks stylish, complete with its sleek and elegant finish colored in red. This model of portable ice maker by Edge Star is designed to look absolutely attractive and perform with efficiency and speed.

This unit is compact and lightweight; thus, it is easy to bring around. Since it has no need for installations, you can use this EdgeStar Red Portable Ice Maker anywhere, as long as there is an outlet and water in its tank. Be it on an enjoyable camp with your friends, or in the kitchen with your family, this portable ice maker is sure to deliver its quality, refreshingly cold ice with no problems at all.

This machine delivers your ice fast. In just 10 minutes, you can enjoy your freshly made cold ice. The ice making capacity of this ice maker is 28 lbs. on a single day which is generous enough for you to serve your guests. The storage can hold 2.5 lbs. of ice at a time. All the while keeping the ice on the bin crisp and cold for as long as possible by the help of the well-insulated storage bin.

Not only that, this portable ice maker allows you to choose the size of your bullet-shaped ice into 3 different sizes – small, medium, large – for your needs to be fully accommodated. This portable ice maker by EdgeStar has no need for installation and drains, as it is designed to be portable and ready-to-go. It has an easy-to-operate soft-touch control that you can learn intuitively.

Its features also includes an innovative water-use design that recycles the melted ice and turns it into a usable water for the next ice making activity. This feature helps you save your water resources by not wasting any melted ice in your storage bin.

The only drawback for this machine is its lack of alarms that informs you when to refill the water tank, if the storage bin is full, or if it already finished its ice making activity.

All in all, this EdgeStar Red Portable Ice Maker is a one of the best under-counter ice makers that is perfect for your kitchen counters. This machine is both compact and durable, and would be perfect for outdoor use.

Comparison: EdgeStar Red Portable Ice Maker vs. NewAir Al-200SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker

You probably already know that making ice has been made faster and easier with these portable ice makers around. These ice cube makers make no effort in producing that cold and refreshing ice for your drinks or any of your needs. These convenient portable ice makers are also made to be compact and lightweight so that you can easily move it around or bring it with you whenever and wherever.

Unlike the built-in ice makers, these portable ice makers have no need for installation and drain. They don’t need the service of a licensed plumber to be used. In terms of capacity between these two , there are only small differences.

EdgeStar’s portable ice maker is capable of producing 28 lbs. of ice every day, which trails a little behind NewAir’s model with its capacity of producing 30 lbs. of cold ice each day.

Making ice with these ice makers is also fast – needing only a short period consisting of a few minutes. EdgeStar needs 10 minutes to produce its first batch of ice, while NewAir can produce its first batch of ice in 7 minutes, having 12 ice cubes on its storage bin.

Both ice makers have well-insulated storage bin to make sure that the ice in the bin is kept cool and crisp for use for as long as possible. Furthermore, these ice makers allow you to choose 2-3 ice sizes, so that you can choose the ice perfectly to your needs.

These icemakers need only little maintenance and are easy to clean. While EdgeStar has an innovate water-use design to help save water resources, NewAir has a viewing window to monitor the ice making activity and the water level on your reservoir.

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EdgeStar Red Portable Ice Maker

EdgeStar Red Portable Ice Maker


  • Easy to use soft touch controls
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Has innovative water-use design
  • No need for installation and drain