Tired of having messy ice trays in your fridge? Or do you not have enough time to wait a number of hours for your ice? Maybe you don’t have the space in your kitchen to install a built-in ice maker? Worry not. The EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker is the answer to your problems.

This portable ice maker is compact and portable, so that you can place it anywhere. Additionally, this ice maker can also give you that freezing-level ice anytime, and it’ll only require a few minutes.

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Features of this unit includes:

  • The production of ice in 10 minutes
  • A stylish titanium finish
  • No installation and drain required
  • Soft touch controls
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Makes 28 lbs. of ice per day
  • Has innovative water-use design

This ice maker of EdgeStar is highly praised. It is regarded as fast, efficient, and a machine with a generous amount of ice output. This is not EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker’s only claim to fame. This portable ice maker is designed to make ice in a span of ten minutes.

Compared to the long hours of waiting of the past, ten minutes is nothing. Furthermore, it can make up to 28 lbs. of bullet-shaped ice in a single day. That’s enough to serve your guests and friends.

The EdgeStar also has an integrated storage bin that is well insulated. This means that the 2.5 lbs. of ice it can hold at a time is kept in a storage bin. It prevents the heat from melting the ice, thus keeping the ice as crisp and cold for as long as possible.

Like any other portable ice machine, this EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker requires no complex installation. In fact, this unit only needs to be plugged to turn on and to be filled with water for its ice making activities to start immediately. It also does need a specific waterline or drainage system.

This under-counter ice machine also has an innovative water-use design. This feature of the ice maker helps you save your water resources by not wasting the water created from the melting of your unused ice. Instead, this water was made to travel back to the water reservoir and be used again on the next ice making activity.

Although this portable ice machine by EdgeStar seems to be perfect, it does possess some limitations. One of its limitations is that it can only produce 28 lbs. a day.

One of the most taxing limitations it possesses is the need to refill its water tank every time it runs out, along with the need to monitor its water level to be sure that there is enough water to make the ice.

All in all, this EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker is an excellent countertop ice maker that is best suited for your RVs, camps, and outdoor activities, especially since it is easy to carry. It would surely be great for any events you would host to.

Comparison: EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker vs. NewAir AI-100R Ice Maker

In just a single look, we could see that these products are well suited to the kitchen countertop. Both are compact and easy to carry, making both these models an ideal companion for your outdoor vacations and travelling plans.

These models also have the same ice making capacity, at 28 lbs. of cold ice on a single day. Since both models are portable ice makers, they don’t need any installation or drains.

There are some differences that should be highlighted between these products. The first would be the controls. EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker uses a touch sensitive control panel, while NewAir AI-100R Ice Maker has a LED control panel that is informative and easy to use.

Another difference is the time needed for the ice to be made. While EdgeStar needs only a 10 minutes, the portable ice maker manufactured by NewAir needs 15 minutes for ice to be produced.

Also, NewAir AI-100R does not possess the innovative water-use design that EdgeStar Titanium has. Their innovative water-use design helps you save water by making use of the melted ice again.

Another detail to note is that EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker has an integrated storage bin that keeps your ice crisp and cool for longer times. This is a feature that NewAir AI-100R does not possess at all.

However, since both are portable ice makers, these models are similar in that they need simple or no maintenance at all. As they are designed to be simple, operating these ice makers requires only intuitive knowledge, since both are equipped with easy-to-use controls. And, installation only requires it to be plugged in with a full water tank.

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